Submit a Maintenance Request

All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing! 

Our staff works diligently to monitor maintenance requests even after normal business hours. If you have an emergency, such as a fire or flood in your home, please call or text (706) 901-7082 to notify the manager on call. For non-emergencies our staff will follow up with you promptly.

We are pleased to offer maintenance tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot simple problems and prevent unwarranted maintenance request charge backs. Click here to learn more. 

Name *
Do you have a pet, burglar alarm, or will there be an unattended minor at your home? *
If your request is for an appliance, please provide type (refrigerator, etc.), make (GE, etc.), model, and serial number of appliance.
We can't guarantee an exact time for repair, but please specify if you think this needs to be addressed in the next 24 hours. If you are submitting this request after normal business hours or on the weekend please let us know if you feel like the situation can't wait until the next business day.
Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms of your lease, items that are your responsibility (clogged drains, HVAC filter replacement every 1-3 months, etc.) will be charged back to you. Unnecessary maintenance requests, at the sole discretion of the maintenance technician and property manager, will also be charged back to you. By completing this form, I request, and give my permission for the appropriate maintenance technician to enter my residence to repair the item(s) listed above. I acknowledge that if the maintenance technician cannot gain access by reasons within my control, or I fail to meet the technician for a pre-arranged appointment, the vendor may impose a trip charge and there will be a $75 administrative charge billed to my account. *